UC San Diego Campus-Wide Historic Resource Survey

Located in the coastal community of La Jolla, UC San Diego’s campus was developed entirely after World War II and is a showpiece of Modern architecture and campus planning. When the University contracted with ARG in 2015, the campus had not ever been surveyed for potential historic resources.

Understanding the need to have baseline information about potential historic resources as they began an update of their Long Range Development Plan, UC San Diego selected ARG to develop a campus-wide historic context statement and historic resources survey.

The project team began by developing a campus-wide historic context statement, which established a framework for the evaluation of historic resources on campus. Historic themes included campus planning and development, cultural and social movements, architecture and design, and others. The context statement was informed by extensive public outreach to the campus community and other stakeholders.

The outcome of the campus-wide survey project was a comprehensive list of potential historic resources, including individual buildings, historic districts, sites, and objects. The survey was an essential component of the LRDP Environmental Impact Report, and ARG prepared the historical resources technical report in fulfillment of the University’s CEQA obligations.

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Photography by Architectural Resources Group