Tax Incentives

Tax Incentives - Historic Preservation Architecture & Planning Firm - ARG

As a full-service historic preservation architecture and planning firm, ARG works with the Historic Preservation Certification Application (HPCA) process under the Federal Tax Credit program. We have served as the Prime Architect responsible for the building design and completion of the HPCA process at Fort Baker, Charles Krug Winery, and the Napa Valley Opera House. We have also acted as a consulting Historic Architect for tax credit projects throughout California, including rehabilitation projects at the Mission Inn, Altenheim, and Calcot Mill. The Mills Act is a California state law allowing municipalities to enter into contracts with owners of qualifying historic buildings, requiring the owners to rehabilitate and maintain the historic property in exchange for reduced property taxes. Typically, the tax savings are used to offset the costs of building maintenance. ARG helps owners of historic building navigate the complex Mills Act application process, which typically includes historical and photographic documentation and a ten-year rehabilitation/restoration and maintenance plan.

Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital (Linda Vista Hospital), Tax Credit Certification, Los Angeles, CA
ARG served as the historic preservation consultant to AMCAL Multihousing, Inc. in converting this historic hospital to a residential property. This entailed working closely with the design team through all phases of the project to ensure the project’s conformance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards, and secure Historic Preservation Tax Credits.


The Village Green, Mills Act Application, Los Angeles, CA
As a designated historic resource, the Village Green is eligible for a Mills Act contract, a renewable 10-year agreement that reduces property taxes with the expectation that the property will be rehabilitated. To guide the Village Green Owners’ Association, ARG planners and conservators have been documenting alterations and conditions of each building (exterior and interior) on the site. This fieldwork, supported by photographs and historical research, will become part of a recommendation plan for prioritizing rehabilitation efforts.

All photos courtesy of Architectural Resources Group.