Los Angeles Union Station

LA Union Station

Without hyperbole, Union Station was described in 1939 as “the epitome of architectural splendor and ultra-modern efficiency…the last word in speed, convenience and comfort.” Since 2007, ARG has worked with the owner and management to insure that the description still applies, first producing Design Guidelines for tenant improvements and subsequently designing retail spaces and free-standing kiosks that complement the station’s glorious interior and provide vital new amenities for the 100,000 passengers passing through daily.

What You May Not Know

The metal restoration project at Union Station was the largest ever completed in the City of Los Angeles.


ARG continues as on-call historic architect, thus far completing a historic structure report, restoration of the historic timetable cabinet, office improvements, wood and metal restoration, roof repair and replacement, signage and wayfinding, HVAC, security, and wi-fi installation, among other projects.


Construction had to be scheduled and coordinated to not impact the safety and flow of patrons, existing businesses and other tenants such as the Metro and Amtrak.


The basement is used for utility, including installation of a large grease receptor, with minimal impact to historic fabric.

All photos courtesy of Architectural Resources Group.