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Our work enhances and strengthens historic buildings and spaces for adaptive use – an antidote to a disposable society. This reflects our belief that historic places offer communities a touchstone, a connection to the past in a rapidly changing world. We apply our broad expertise to researching and understanding the social, cultural, and historic value of structures and settings, and then engage our experience in architectural design, preservation, conservation, and sustainability to create places with historic meaning adapted to modern needs.

Our range of services includes new design historic settings, adaptive reuse, rehabilitation, materials conservation, seismic strengthening, sustainable design, restoration, programming, master planning, feasibility studies, and interior design.


We see historic buildings and spaces as one episode in a long continuum. As a part of that continuum, we preserve the work of others while creating places and spaces that enhance the present and are there for the future. Our work is a creative integration of planning, contemporary design, sustainability, and materials conservation, and we approach our projects open to all the possibilities that will emerge, engaging our clients and stakeholders and embracing their visions.


People want familiarity in their environment, comfortable places from which to reach out in new and different ways. Our work in preservation planning helps owners, governments, and design professionals navigate the process of historic resource recognition, evaluation, and approvals to create these iconic places. We help clients reach their social, economic, and cultural goals with expertise in architectural history, preservation, cultural resources assessment, planning, environmental review, and urban design.


Historical materials and finishes lend authenticity to their structures. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, we inspect and analyze historic fabric, both on-site and in the laboratory. Our in-house lab allows us to conduct chemical and microscopic analyses of a broad range of materials, reducing costs for our clients and allowing for more thorough investigation. Detailed, usable reports and construction documents help clients implement conservation methods, which we develop through extensive research and testing.